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- Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.com

How much of the current and projected market for services do you currently serve at each site of care?  How do you compare to your competitors? Where are your best opportunities for growth? Keep track of opportunities with Pivotal.


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What trends define the populations that you serve? Are your communities changing? Who are they now, and how might they change in the future?

Pivotal leverages multiple sources of data to allow you to explore your communities.

Clinical Service Lines

Optimize and manage both inpatient and outpatient service lines by aligning their distribution profiles with projected market demand with Pivotal.

Sites of Care

Your communities rely on accessible locations to ensure they are covered when care is necessary. Pivotal’s comprehensive map of facilities and programs can help identify gaps, illustrate growth opportunities, and facilitate competitive analysis.

Access Segmentation

How do you define access for individual sites of care? Pivotal can help with multiple dynamic drive-time settings, pedestrian traffic options, and public transportation mapping. Each option allows for a re-segmentation of the service population, driving specialized service mapping by location.

Data Contextualization

How can your data become even more valuable? When it is examined within its broader context. What are the macro and micro trends influencing the market? How do those trends relate to what you are seeing?

Gain deeper insight with Pivotal’s contextualization engine.