Our Story

Healthcare organizations have experienced significant change over the years. From evolving technologies, regulatory environments and care models to shifting demographics and consumer trends, the healthcare system has become increasingly more complex. As healthcare architects, Array has made it our mission to help our partners get the most out of every dollar they invest. We have worked to create new and innovative ways to examine data on behalf of clients, ensuring every project has a measurably positive impact on the organization and its patients.

Our design approach starts with the collection and utilization of data, to create metrics that track performance and measure success. We have discovered the utility and value of dynamic analytical models, as well as the incredible demand for simple visualization tools that enable effective data-driven storytelling.

Why We Created Pivotal

One fundamental realization drove us to develop a new technology; we recognized that each time we developed a new tool, the team was able to test and visualize a different aspect of a larger strategy. We recognized that our healthcare partners were looking to build data-driven stories, so we developed Pivotal to help them organize and utilize data to generate growth and new management strategies. Provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Pivotal provides customers with a reliable and accessible framework that does not depend on on-premise installations or updates.

Many new data query capabilities and feature sets are part of our development roadmap. Take advantage of them by becoming a Pivotal customer early.